Cat. 5e U/UTP LAN cable with 4 pairs, category 5e, without screen


Cable applied in structured local networks of class D for high speed data and voice transmission, at primary, secondary (vertical) and tertiary (horizontal) level. Standardized for application up to 100 MHz (in certain configurations even up to 300 MHz).
Length of this cable in Ethernet networks is restricted at max. 100 m (ordinarily installed cable max. 90 m, with connecting cables up to 5 m at both ends). Can be laid in cable canals.

Conductor: copper (bare, single wired/solid), diameter 0,51 mm, AWG24
Insulation: polyethylene (PE), external diameter 0,9 mm, per two conductors twisted in pairs
Sheath: external diameter4,9 – 5,1 mm
possible designs: PVC or halogen-free (LSHF, LSOH, FRNC)
sheath colour: grey (RAL 7035)
Conductor colour marking:
1. pair: blue / white with blue line
2. pair: orange / white with orange line
3. pair: green / white with green line
4. pair: brown / white with brown line