About Us

What we stand for:


VIBTIS ltd was founded in 2010. The company combines knowledge and experience, specializing in procurement, global supply, sourcing and logistical services to the international engineering companies in Oil&Gas, Civil works & Infrastructure, Energy and Water Supply industries.

VIBTIS’s team draws from our extensive sourcing capabilities and immeasurable supplier base, offering a wealth of industry knowledge and technical advice from our in-house engineers. Sourcing from multiple locations allows VIBTIS to accommodate requests to extensive project requirements to any international location. We strongly focus on serving the needs of local and international markets and is active in carrying out sustainable projects.

VIBTIS ltd is a turnkey solution provider for materials needed by the regional market by offering added


Leading the trading of industrial materials through partnership with the best manufacturers of the industries we operate in, strict quality assurance, quality control and a family approach to the business. 

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behavior

VIBTIS is a company that operates with the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior. We are open and straight forward in our communication and ensure that everyone in our company acts with integrity & honesty.


Teamwork Excellence

Leading by example is our Motto.

Teamwork is VIBTIS’s strength and identity, together we offer the best results and win every challenge. We acknowledge greatness, excellence, and support of our team to bring out the best skills and talents.


Improvement and Innovation

VIBTIS considers progress as a crucial part of its activity. Our employees know their work well and are greatly encouraged to show their rate ideas to improve it and get recognition when such ideas are implemented.


Sustainable Development

VIBTIS respect and shows commitment for sustainable development principles, by offering and creating value for customers, business partners and shareholders.