H05Z-K, H07Z-K Halogen-free fine wired conductor, with improved properties under fire


Halogen-free conductors used for installations in dry environment for wiring of lighting fixtures, tools and other devices in facilities where human lives or valuable property need to be protected against damages caused by fire. Laid on or under plaster, same as in closed installation canals. For inner wiring of switchboards and control panels up to the nominal voltage of 750/1000 V.

Conductor: bare or tinned copper conductor, fine wired stranded, class 5 acc. to HRN HD 383 / IEC 60228 / DIN VDE 0295
at some producers: separator between conductor and insulation
Insulation: cross-linked thermoplastic halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin bond
Conductor color identification: acc. to IEC 60446 i.e. EN 60446 (corresponding to DIN VDE 0293)

– halogen-free, no release of toxic or corrosive gases under fire
– reduced smoke occurrence under fire