LiYCY Electronic flexible cable, PVC insulated and sheathed, with Cu braid


Flexible cable with protective screen against electromagnetic impacts, for transmission of analogue and digital signals, suitable for fixed and mobile installations in device production, for electronic, computer and measurement systems, in mobile and production conveyers, for office devices. Usage with shifting is only possible if not exposed to stress and mechanical loads. Laid in dry and damp premises, but outdoor application is not recommended, except in special cases under protection against direct sunlight. Not for direct laying in ground or water, not intended for supply purposes. Oil resistant.

Conductor: bare copper conductor, fine wired stranded, class 5 acc. to IEC 60228 / HD 383 / DIN VDE 0295 (at some producers certain cross-sections with 7-wire conductors)
Insulation: PVC compound of type TI2, acc. to DIN VDE 0281 part 1, conductors stranded in layers, core colour marking defined acc. to DIN 47100, but without repeating of colours
Separator: transparent plastic foil
Electrostatic screen: braid of tinned copper wires with approx. 85% overlap
Sheath: PVC-compound TM2 acc. to DIN VDE 0281 part 1
sheath colour: light grey (RAL 7001), grey (RAL 7032) or blue (RAL 5015)