Tripple offset butterfly valve

Main features: Tripple offset butterfly valve has one more offset feature compared to double offset design, which is the seat cone axis offset from the stem centerline that reduces the operating torque. Tripple offset butterfly valves are widely used in power plant, petrochemical, metallurgy, water supply and drainage system, municipal construction as throttling flow and shutoff equipments.


Design standard :API 609

Product range :

1. Pressure range :CLASS    150Lb~1500Lb

2. Nominal diameter :  NPS  2~120″

3.Body material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Alloy steel, Nickel alloy

4. End connection :Flange,Wafer ,Lug, BW

5. Working temperature:-29℃~350℃

6.Mode of operation: Lever, Gear box, Electric, Pneumatic, hydraulic device, Pneumatic-hydraulic device;


Product features:

1.Without any friction between disc and sealing surface when opening or closing,

2. Can be installed in any position;

3. Zero leakage design;

4. Soft seat or metal seat is available as per customer request;

5. Unidirectional seal or Bidirectional seal is available as per customer request;

6.Spring loaded packing can be chosen;

7.Low emission packing can be chosen according to ISO 15848 requirement;

8.Stem extended design can be chosen;

9.Low temperature or ultra low temperature butterfly valve can be chosen as per customer request.