Top entry ball valve

Main features: Ease for online overhaul and maintenance. When valve needs to be repaired, it doesn’t need to remove the valve from the pipeline, just remove the body-bonnet joint bolts and nuts, and then move out the bonnet, stem, ball and seats assembly to repair the parts. It can save maintenance time.


Design standard :API 6D    API 608   ISO 17292

Product range :

1. Pressure range :CLASS    150Lb~2500Lb

2. Nominal diameter :  NPS        2~60″

3. Body material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Alloy steel, Nickel alloy

4. End connection : RF   RTJ   BW

5. Working temperature :-29℃~350℃

6.Mode of operation: Lever, Gear box, Electric, Pneumatic, hydraulic device, Pneumatic-hydraulic device;


Product features:

1. Flow resistance is small, fire safe, antistatic design;

2. piston seat,,DBB design;

3.Bidirectional seals, no limitation on the flow direction;

4.Tope entry design ,easy for online maintenance;

5. When valve is in full open position, seat surfaces are outside flow stream that always in full contact with gate that can protect seat surfaces, and suitable for pigging pipeline;

6.Spring loaded packing can be chosen;

7.Low emission packing can be chosen according to ISO 15848 requirement;

8.Stem extended design can be chosen;

9.Soft seat and metal to metal seat can be chosen.