Elevator Ropes

Following points are important in elevator ropes:
Resistance to fatigue.
Resistance to abrasion,
Lack of nerve.
Appropriate preform characteristics.
Rope Compositions
Generally the ropes of Seale,Warrington or Filler compositions with same step parallel wires and fiber cores are preferred for this purpose. Primary rope compositions are 8×19 Seale, 8×19 Warrington or 8×19 Filler. Ropes of 6×19 Seale, 6×19 Filler compositions are sometimes preferable.

General Characteristics
The ropes are elastic and with thick external wires. Resistance to Abrasion conditions are good. Choosing ropes in elevators carrying humans with at least 12 safety coefficient is advisable. Minimum breaking resistance may be 140,160 or 180 kg/mm2. Wires having two strength characteristics may be used in special elevator ropes. Ropes must be lubricated. They must be checked up frequently in use and controls made be recorded.

Places of Use
They are used in every kind of elevators.