Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement of “VIBTIS” Company is committed to the achievement a Safe, Healthy, Injury free and Environmentally sound business through identifying potential  Health,  Safety  and  Environmental  risks,  eliminating  them  where possible and implementing effective risk control measures.

The objectives which “VIBTIS Company considers of greatest importance are:

  • Consideration of health and safety at work and respect for the environment as important as     the economic performance of project.
  • Prevention of exposure to risk in all areas of the activity.
  •  Adoption of an constructive dialogue with public Authorities and local communities to protect the environment and to safeguard the health, safety and  quality of life of residents living or working in the vicinity of our activities.
  • Minimization of any adverse effects of its activity on the environment.
  • Establishment of proper HSE management systems and programs and endorsement of them at all levels.
  • Education and understanding of HSE systems, plans and practices for all project personnel and other people involved in activities where there is a chance of personal injury or environmental harm.
  • Enforcement of all HSE policies, procedures, plans and preventive measures.
  • Education of HSE management systems, plans and programs to ensure ongoing continuous improvement in providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace. “VIBTISwill achieve these commitments by:
    • Continued development and implementation of management plans to eliminate or
      • control hazards associated with the operations.
    • Involving all employees in HSE programs through consultation, participation and using an effective proper communication system.
    • Ensuring that HSE policies, procedures and practices are in accordance with the legislative requirements, industry and standards and best practice concepts.
    • Ensuring that all relevant HSE legislation, regulations, codes and licenses are complied with.
    • The development and implementation of training programs to ensure that employees, supervisors and managers are familiar with, and understand HSE principles, policies, procedures and practices.
    • Ongoing implementation of environmental management plans through pollution prevention eco-efficiency and waste avoidance, reduction, reuse, recycling and natural resource management.
    • Organizing of effective emergency and injury management plan.
    • Ensuring that all potential HSE impacts are considered prior to changes to the business or operations.
    • Providing levels of supervision appropriate to the nature and risk of the task being performed
    • Ensuring that the suppliers and contractors are aware of and comply with “VIBTIS

HSE policies, procedures, practices and legislative requirements where applicable.

  • Conducting  regular  HSE  management  audits  and  inspection  in  due  time,  and developing and monitoring defined HSE objectives. All employees, contractors, vendors and visitors shall comply with this present HSE policy whilst involved in “VIBTISProject operations. It is the responsibility of all managers and supervisors to ensure understanding, implementation and enforcement of this policy.
  • The  HSE  policies,  procedures  and  practices  are  in  accordance  with  the  Legislative requirements, industry and standards and best practice concepts as well as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

    The following are the goals and objectives of the HSE Management System:

      • To ensure the compliance with international Codes and Standards.
      • Zero Lost Time Injuries, permanent disabilities and fatal accidents.
      • Zero Significant Property Loss
      • Exclusion of unsafe conditions/situations on the site.
      • Exclusion of situations that could have a negative impact on employees health.
      • Exclusion of activities that might have a negative impact on the environment.
      • To preserve the image of company.

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Chief Executive Officer of VIBTIS shpk