WELD 250 Butt fusion machine for plumbing and drainage applications

Butt fusion technology is the safe, reliable and favorable jointing for a wide dimension range. GF Piping Systems offers mechanical, hydraulic and CNC-guided fusion machines for on site constructions and the workshop. The fusion areas of the pipes and fittings are heated to fusion temperature and joined by means of mechanical pressure, without using additional materials. A homogeneous joint results.


  • Economical, lightweight plastic fusion machine for PE pipes and fittings for mobile use. Suitable for plumbing installations, roof drainage systems and drainage pipes.
  • Base machine for butt fusion d 90 up to 250 mm. PE max. d 250 mm SDR 33. Sliding carriages, pressure device 1000 N scale. Support for heating element.
  • Fast-locking base clamping plates, right and left, d 250 mm
  • Complete reduction clamping inserts set d 90 – 225 mm
  • V-shaped pipe support with inserts d 90 – 225 mm
  • Compact planer with reversible plates.
  • Heating element¬†thermostatic controlled, PTFE coated, electric cable with plug. Can also be used as a manual tool.
  • Steel frame used for operation and transportation protection.