Special Ropes

Compacted ropes
Swaged ropes
Ropes whose cores plated with plastics.
Compacted ropes:

Rope compositions
Different rope compositions may be used in compact rope manufacture. However 6×19 Seale, 6×26 Warrington Seale, 6×36 Warrington Seale, 18×7 ropes are preferred.

General Characteristics
Compacted ropes have more load bearing capacities than the standart ropes with same diameters. Abrasion is less and usage lives are longer as they contact the reel surfaces in a larger area.

Swaged Ropes
Rope compositions
In Swaged ropes production primarily 6×26 Warrington Seale ve 6×19 Seale ropes are used.

General Characteristics
Swaged ropes have advantages such as supplying coils with larger contact areas, decresaing internal stres, lifting more loads than that of the ropes with the same diameters and having longer lives.

Ropes whose cores plated with plastics
Ropes whose cores coated with plastics have advantages such as operating in silence in cranes, having longer lives and protection of internal wires effectively against corrosion.

Places they are used
Special ropes are used in the cranes with which every kind of lifting operations are made, in shipping, fishery and petroleum industry etc. Especially in the areas in which higher tensile breaking force is expected.