Sheet welding – Polyfusion 1-25

POLYFUSION 1-25 is a compact and easy to use Hydraulic welder for HDPE and PP sheets up to one meter wide and 2 mm to 25 thickness.

The welding cycle is handled by a control panel which commands the hydraulic gearcase; “Dual Pressure” welding is also feasible. The control panel can be adjusted horizontally to assist the operator.

The sheets are fixed to the machine body by manual handwheels; the locking arm has an articulated joint that allows its opening and the easy extraction of the welded sheets. The working surface of the machine body has a graduated scale on both sides, which speeds the positioning and centering of the pieces to be welded.

The manual heating plate, located under the machine body, has a height adjustment handwheel. The temperature is controlled by a built-in high-precision electronic thermoregulator, “Digital Dragon”.

The welding machine has a small modulated sustaining frame to perform 90 ° weldings. Circular welding is possible with an optional device, being the minimum achievable diameter of 300 mm (ref. to thin sheets).

The machine can also weld twin-wall HDPE sheets.

There’s a practical shelf at the base of the steel frame, which can be used to place some tools.
POLYFUSION 1 – 25 is available in 230 V (110V on request).