The GirderMAX from Faymonville is a girder bridge to transport super heavy loads at legal axle loads on public roads. The inside dimension is steplessly widenable within seconds from 2,850mm to 7,950mm.

The Faymonville GirderMAX is combinable with all modular platform trailers from Faymonville: DualMAX, ModulMAX or CombiMAX.

Video: semi-trailer girdermaxHeavy-duty girder bridge – Faymonville GirderMAX
The following features are characteristic:

20% less dead weight than similar products
Starting from a payload of 330,000 lbs. up to 550,000 lbs.
Possibility for lifting and lowering, steplessly widenable
Compatible with all other brands of modular platform trailers
Self-tracking at the rear running gears
Patented hydraulic widening system (can change the width within seconds from approx. 9’ to 26’)
Suitable for mobilization in container
There are three different types that can be configured with the GirderMAX:

Low deck version
Schnabel version
Suspension beam version
This vehicle permits ideal transport circumstances thanks to a:

Cross pendulum stabilisation

An hydraulic swaying system in combination with a ball bearing race ring is included. There is an identical system at both sides – which can be adjusted in 3-point or 4-point suspension. The longitudinal beams are hanging in a rocker bearing.

Hydraulic slide enlargements

Slide bearing move hydraulically on top of the cross beams. It can be enlarged by mechanically coupled extension elements.

The set-up of the GirderMAX comes with a pile of useful accessories like empty-run supports, load securing devices, parking supports, Hatz-Diesel engines on both sides and wireless remote controls for all hydraulic functions.

This girder bridge can be used in the following scenarios:

Transport on public roads of super heavy loads at legal axle loads, starting from a payload of 330,000 lbs. up to 550,000 lbs.
The GirderMAX is suitable for the transport of the following goods:

Gas turbines
Bulky goods and heavy loads