Geogrids provide tensile reinforcement for base courses in railway and highway foundation engineering, steep sided soil em bank ments and retaining walls, foundation reinforcement of earth embankments, load transfer of overlying soil masses, spanning voids and sink holes, sludge lagoon closures, trench covers and beds. With the available tensile strengths Geogrid is suitable for the most demanding projects.

very high strength at low strains
immediate interlocking effect
low creep characteristics (PET)
high angles of friction because of the structured geogrid surfaces
high resistance against installation damage
4.75 m wide rolls
made from uniformly extruded solid
PET or PP bars
high resistance against biological and chemical attack
biaxial geogrid strengths up to 80 kN/m
uniaxial geogrid strengths up to 400 kN/m
BBA certificate for reinforced slopes up to 70°
quick and easy to install
ISO 9001 certified