Rosemount™ 3100 Level Transmitter – Ultrasonic

The Rosemount 3100 Level Transmitter is a reliable and cost-effective solution optimized for level, volume, and open channel flow measurement. It is suitable for storage tanks, effluent pits, buffer tanks, and open channel flow. It features a local operator display with buttons for quick and easy commissioning. Temperature compensation is integrated and you can equip the Rosemount 3100 with an external sensor for dynamic temperature compensation. The automatic false echo detection together with easy setup makes this a device you can trust.


Operating Temperature
-22 to 158 °F (-30 to 70 °C)
Communication Protocol
4–20 mA/HART®
Integral push-buttons with LCD, Rosemount 3490 Controller, or AMS™ Device Manager, Field Communicator


  • Simple set-up and operation with an integral LCD display and buttons
  • Non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
  • Option of two integral signal relays
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Empty tank mapping helps ignore up to four false echoes without the need for user interaction