Pressure balance lubricated plug valve

Main features: The valve is designed with 2 main sealing, i.e. primary sealing is metal to metal, while secondary sealing is sealant auxiliary seal. Plug is designed with a pressure balance hole that pressure can be balanced at axial position to prevent plug stuck happened.  Pressure balance lubricated plug valve is a kind of bidirectional valve, which can be widely used in oilfield exploitation, transportation and refining plant, while also can be used in petrochemical, chemical, gas, LNG, heating and ventilation industries and etc.


Design standard :API 599   API 6D

Product range :

1. Pressure range :CLASS    150Lb~1500Lb

2. Nominal diameter :  NPS        2~36″

3.Body material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Alloy steel, Nickel alloy

4. End connection :RF   RTJ   BW

5.Mode of operation: Lever, Gear box, Electric, Pneumatic, hydraulic device, Pneumatic-hydraulic device;