Patinated Rheinzink

Patinated Rheinzink has an aesthetically soft, matt surface that gives a very natural impression. The patina changes very little over time.
Rheinzink is titanium alloyed zinc and the sheet is homogenous metal.
Rheinzink has 3 types of a pre-patination levels that give them their hues.
Surface treatment Material thickness (mm) Corrosivity category UV resistance Minimum order amount (m2)
Pre-patinated (no coating) 0.7, 1.0 C4 n/a 100

UV resistance describes how well the coating is able to keep its original colour and gloss levels in accordance with EN10169. The higher the class, the better the resistance.

Corrosivity categories describe the outdoor climate conditions in accordance with EN12944. The higher the category, the more corrosive environment.