MSA 4.1 Electrofusion Unit with full traceability, GPS functions and wireless scanner

  • High performance, light electro-fusion unit based on inverter technology, providing a complete documentation of the welding including operator badge, job codes, full traceability data (ISO 12176) and GPS coordinates added automatically to each fusion record.
  • All is meant to simplify the job: the barcode scanner, for long distance reading, the cooling system to joint in series, the icon system, to keep the interaction between user and machine intuitive, the configurable workflow to fit all needs, from the simplest to the most plenty of details.
  • Operator identity, job identification and fitting data are captured using a wireless scanner, with 1D (for barcode labels on teh fitting) and  2D (in case of Unitary QR code availability).

    The wireless scanner is based on a rugged mobile phone with a software application installed for reading the barcode and giving evidence of the barcode type (operator, fusion data, traceability…).

    The wireless device can be used also for communication purposes as well as for accessing to GFPS online web services

  • The entire welding process is controlled and regulated with energy output compensation depending on ambient temperature and the indication of cooling time.
  • The internal memory has a capacity of 5000 jointing records, which can be retrieved using a USB memory stick. The fusion protocols are delivered as PDF,  CSV files (both manageable with standard and free PC software applications). For a more sophisticated usage, a BIN file is also available, compatible with the MSA Welding Book to sort, filter out and combine protocols and photos captured from multiple MSA units.
  • Robust aluminum die casting enclosures and comfortable plastic handle ensure a weight balanced carrying.
  • Rental time period programmable by the machine owner, unit blocks on expiring date, reset by a dynamic code can be activated.
  • Scope of delivery: transport case, wireless scanner as rugged mobile phone with battery charger, angle adapters (4,0 mm and 4,7 mm), operation instructions, START/STOP badge, configuration chart and USB memory stick with PC applications.
  • Technical Data:


  • Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Fusion data input mode: bar code, manual
  • Mains voltage: 230V (190V – 265V)
  • Suggested power generators: 3.5 kVA
  • Welding technique: Voltage controlled
  • Fusion voltage: 8-48 V
  • Fusion current: 110 A (max)
  • Fittings range: d20-1400 mm
  • USB Port: Type A
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Internal memory capacity: 5000 protocols
  • Protocols format: PDF, CSV and BIN (compatible with MSA Welding Book)
  • Protection factor: Class 1 / IP 65
  • Mains cable: 4 m
  • Fusion cable: 4 m
  • Dimensions: 280 x 420 x 280 mm
  • Weight: ca. 12.8 kg
  • Display: Graphical LCD, adjustable contrast
  • Languages support: 27