Leak Free


Our leak free stuffing boxes ensure complete sealing by providing simultaneous dynamic and static sealing with the added protection of a gas exclusion system and optional leak monitoring / indicating equipment. Produced fluids are routed down the flow line keeping them off the wellhead and, most importantly, off the ground.

Dynamic Sealing
This stuffing box system provides the critical protection to the environment while ensuring the stuffing boxes’ internal components are guarded from contamination. This system is available in two configurations: Dual Mechanical Seal (DMS) and Triple Lip Seal (TLS).

Static Sealing
A Z-Seal packing arrangement maintains a continuous seal between the polished rod and the stuffing box shaft as they rotate in unison.

Gas Exclusion
An integrated oil filled standpipe and roto glyd ring are fitted to each leakfree stuffing box to prevent gas ingress.


  • Twin bearing arrangement that isolates the seal package from polished rod side loading and misalignment
  • Available as integral (direct connection to the drive head) or retrofit (using a booth)
  • Easy fitting of the cartridge-style seal carrier stack
  • Seal package is mechanically locked in the housing cavity for proper performance
  • Positive keyed drive of seal sleeve
  • Internal stand pipe added to divert produced gases away from dynamic sealing faces
  • All static o-rings are made of FPM