A world-class wet or dry materials remover
CAP-BORA Vacuum Loader represents the state-of-the-art vacuum technology. This equipment combines heavy duty vacuum efficiency and highest volume airflow thanks to the choice among a range of powerful three-lobe vacuum pumps capable of generating an airflow of 4.500 up to 11.000 m³/h at max. 90% vacuum efficiency. CAP-BORA can remove by suction either wet/dump or dry/dusty materials over long distances and depths. The long life and high efficiency of the CAPPELLOTTO filter system is guaranteed by an exclusive bag house with a full hydraulic upper door for quick access to filter bags. In addition, an exclusive self-discharging automatic system for the filter bag house avoids dead times for cleaning without stopping vacuum operations. A special CAPPELLOTTO P.O.S. (Pressure-Offload-System) enables dry materials to be pumped up to a height of 60 m. CAP-BORA can be employed for various industrial operations when equipped with high-pressure pumps; its components are long lasting and resistant, even when intervening on abrasive and aggressive materials.

CAP-BORA is presently employed in the following industrial fields:

Steel mills
Oil refineries
Chemical and petrochemical plants
Cement plants
Aluminium industries
Glass making plants
Lime and coal plants
Metal processing centres
Paper mills
Phosphate plants
Grain elevators
Power-Generating Stations
Waste and Sewage Treatment Plants
Shipyards and Docks
Railway track systems.

With high tipping system.
The CAP-BORA Vacuum Loader with high-tipping system allows the off-load of the material sucked directly into a container; in addition, the possibility to connect to special big-bags makes special-waste’s disposal possible.