Guardian™ VFD – PC Pump Controller


The innovative design of our Guardian PC Pump Controller increases productivity and extends the life of new installations, while also providing upgrades to existing installation. By deploying our Guardian PC Pump Controller, operators greatly reduce maintenance and running cost while simultaneously providing optimum pump performance. Our Guardian PC Pump Controller comes automatically integrated with each Guardian VFD and no additional external hardware or interfaces are required, except for an inexpensive arm position. Our VFD connects to a standard A/C motor and provides maximum well production and lowering operational cost.

Guardian VFD

  • Ensures operational efficiency and control of PC Pump artificial lift systems
  • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
  • Effortless integration into existing SCADA networks
  • Minimizes downtime using our integrated control methods and proprietary software suite
  • Simultaneously monitor pump performance and control pump off

Control Methods (GII Plus Model)

  • Automatically changes speed of the pump to optimize well performance through remove control methods
  • Setup primary and secondary control methods to operate simultaneously
  • Downhole pressure sensors
  • Fluid over pump
  • High-torque control
  • Production flow
  • Flowline and casing pressure
  • Tank level

Guardian OnSite™ Software

  • Retains central depository of information
  • Acquires real time performance data
  • Maintains two-way communication between operator and pump

Standard Configurations

  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Lightning arrester
  • 5% line reactor
  • Control transformer
  • Accessible terminal connections
  • Low maintenance


  • Restricts access based upon user roles
  • Detailed change log tracks configuration changes and updates

Safety and Performance

  • Simple and easy to use operator interfaces
  • Automatic, non-moving A/C motor tuning
  • cULu Listed enclosure
  • Local graphing / plotting of performance information
  • Safe access to data and diagnostic interface ports


  • Highest level of support and training at preferred locations



  • Versatile application and outstanding performance in the hardest conditions
  • Simple installation and startup
  • User friendly interface
  • Flowline and casing pressure inputs
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Counterbalances weight adjustment reporting
  • Real-time position and torque display
  • Support for extreme climate conditions
  • Multispeed options for customizing up and downstroke speeds
  • Automatic pump fill detection on each stroke
  • Belt slippage prevention and detection
  • Detailed fault history with real date timestamp
  • Energy meter reports KWh consumption
  • ON/OFF timer control


  • Remote pump monitoring and control capabilities
  • Interactive communication between the operator and the well
  • Real time well diagnostic and control functionality