Grading Capacitors

Grading Capacitors are used in combination with High Voltage Circuit Breakers with different purposes.

  • Multibreak Circuit Breakers:
    • Grading Capacitors ensure uniform voltage distribution across all contacts points during normal and switching system operation
  • Single break Circuit Breakers:
    • Grading Capacitors can be used to increase the switching capacity of the breaker
  • 90 up to 300 kV
  • Sealed construction, maintenance free
  • All external metallic components made by aluminum or inox steel
  • High customization range to match CB mechanical and electrical parameters
  • High mechanical resistance to shock and vibration due CB‘s switching operation
  • Available in compliance with all international standards

GC’s – AIS Circuit Breakers (outdoor installation)

  • Synthetic liquid + paper and/or polypropylene insulation
  • Porcelain or composite insulator

GC’s – DT and GIS Circuit Breakers (indoor installation inside SF6  CB’s gas enclosure)

  • Synthetic liquid or SF6  + paper and/or polypropylene insulation
  • Fiberglass tube insulator