GeoMax Reflectorless Total Station(Zoom 30)

Brand : GeoMax
Model : Zoom 30
Country : Switzerland

“Work when you do!”.
Total Confidence
At GeoMax we understand that you work in demanding environments and require excellent price-to-performance without compromising quality, that’s why we build products that

AccXess™ EDM Technology
GeoMax’s accXess EDM Technology provides class-leading refl ectorless measurements. Exceptional refl ectorless performance up to 600 m. The extra small EDM footprint and sophisticated signal processing technology ensures you maximum accuracy regardless of the distance or conditions.

USB Port
Data transfer, import and export is easy using the USB interface port on the GeoMax Zoom30. A 4GB high performance USB memory stick is provided with every GeoMax Zoom30 series instrument.

Laser plummet
The Zoom30 series’ laser plummet delivers you accurate and easy centering every time. The bright laser beam is easily visible and eliminates time consuming procedures required with an optical plummet. You win at every set-up.

Complete system
GeoMax not only provides you with a highly productive instrument, but also with a complete set of accessories to meet your demanding tasks. With everything in one box, GeoMax “Works when you do!”.

Built for all environments
The Zoom30 withstands the toughest environments. With the optional Polar certifi cation
the Zoom30 is individually tested at -30° C.

Quadruple-axis compensation
With advanced electronic compensators, GeoMax instru-ments are always level and collimation errors corrected. Quadruple-axis compensation is standard on all GeoMax total stations which means you can be sure of maximum reliability with both horizontal and vertical angles.

Data transfer
Once you’ve fi nished with your field work, the job is not necessarily complete. Data can be directly transferred from the fi eld to CAD and other software using Bluetooth or USB.
GeoMax’s PC software GeoMax Geo Office is provided together with the Zoom30 series and allows you to view, edit and transfer data to other instruments and formats with ease.

Powerful onboard Apps
The powerful onboard software provides you with full fl exibility to perform any task. A complete suite of Apps built on a Windows Embedded CE operating system is standard providing total control over a whole range of tasks.

Works when you do!
At GeoMax we understand how important your data is, that is why we provide complete data flexibility and maintain data integrity through an internal database on every Zoom30 series instrument. You can be certain that GeoMax “Works when you do!”

Complete Communication Control
The GeoMax Zoom30 series provides you with complete control over your data and communication. Choose between Bluetooth, USB-Stick, 2 USB-Ports and an RS232 to import and export your data in customized and standard formats.A powerful onboard database is at your fingertips. Export to a variety of standard formats such as ASCII and DXF or create your own custom format. Data can be imported from a wide variety of ources. Control all your data onboard using the integrated data and file manager or import data directly into GeoMax Geo Office. GeoMax’s flexible PC software provides the ideal office companion to the GeoMax Zoom30 series.
Data can be stored on the large internal memory and transferred using the device you choose. With the Zoom30’s flexible communication options you can choose your favorite communication method. Bluetooth, USB and RS232 can be used to transfer data quickly, securely and flexibly.

Every Zoom30 series instrument comes with a complete range of powerful Applications. From survey and stake-out to CoGo and volume calculations the Zoom30 has an Application to get the job done.

The powerful survey App allows you to collect data quickly and accurately. Flexible coding and display
formats delivers data the way you want it. Directly export surveys with codes into CAD.

Set-up with Resection
With the simple push of a key, your station coordinates and orientation are calculated and surveying can immediately begin.

Set Out
With accurate and easy-to-use guidance you’ll be quickly complete with one point and moving to the next.

Area (3D) & Volume
The area (3D) and volume app determines the area, volume and perimeter of the plan and slope surfaces at a simple button press.

Remote Elevation
The Remote Height application allows you to easily determine the height of a point when you cannot measure a distance to the point directly. The height of the remote point is automatically computed.

With large graphical displays the staking of your construction site has never been so easy. You’ll complete construction staking easier and faster than ever before.

Reference Element
Regardless of whether you’re staking or checking a reference line or arc you’ll be amazed at the flexibility.

CoGo Routines
Easily calculate and determine points out in the field with the CoGo App. This powerful App allows you to calculate inverse, intersection, offset and line extension in a few easy steps.

Missing Line Measurement
Determine the distance, grade,azimuth and height differencebetween any two points. Determining ties is a breeze.

Two Prism Offset
Situations arise when you cannot measure a point directly. With Two Prism Offset simply place one end of the rod on the hidden point and measure to both reflectors. The coordinates of the hidden point are automatically computed.

Technical Specification
Angle measurements (Hz, V)
Method Absolute continous
Display Resolution 1”
Standard deviation (ISO 17123-3) 2”, 3”, 5”, 7”
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1° 30’ (26 m / 1 km)
Minimum focus 1.7 m
Reticle 3 level reticle illumination
System Quadruple-axis compensation
Working Range ± 4’
Setting accuracy 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”
Distance Measurement on Reflector
Measuring range with circular prism 3’500 m
Measuring range with 3 prisms 5’400 m
Measuring with reflective foil
(60 mm x 60 mm) 250 m
(Fine/Quick/Tracking) 2 mm + 2 ppm / 5 mm +2 ppm / 5 mm + 2 ppm
Measuring time (Tracking/Quick/Fine) 0.15 sec / 0.8 sec / 2.4 sec
accXess™ EDM Reflectorless Distance Measurement
accXess6 Range with white target 600 m
accXess4 Range with white target 400 m
Range with circular prism >7’500 m
Accuracy 3 mm + 2 ppm (>500 m 4 mm + 2 ppm)
Measuring time 3.0 – 6.0 sec
Internal memory/storage 10’000 points (incl. measurem., coords & codes)
Interface USB and RS232
Bluetooth Bluetooth connections for comm. & data transfer
USB Host USB memory stick port for data transfer
Display 160 x 280 pixels, 8 lines x 30 characters
Keys Alphanumeric keys and 4 functions keys
Operating system Windows® Embedded CE operating system
Laser plummet
Type Laser point, brightness adjustable in steps
Accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5 m instrument height
Environmental conditions
Optional Polar version tested to -30° C
Operating / Storage Temperature -20° C ~ +50° C / -40° C ~ +70° C
Protection to dust and water IP54
Weight including battery and tribrach 5.1 kg
Voltage/Capacity ZBA400 7.4V 3800mAh
Operating period with continous angle measurement 36 hours
Operating period with measurement every 30 seconds 9 hours (>1’000 measurements)