Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern

Our Fluenta concealed flushing cistern is the perfect choice for bathroom and sanitary facilities equipment.

The perfect feature of economical and silent flushing is invisible in the room and aesthetically compatible with the bathroom equipment of your choosing due to our wide selection of flushing plates.

You can choose one of Play, Active, Onyx and Diamond flushing plates with our concealed cistern and fit them with wide selection of Evolution and Confluo drains.

Installation method:

  • Installation in prefabricated walls
  • As a self-supporting element for pre-wall installation in drywalls
  • For pre-wall angle installation
  • For universal installation into solid walls


  • Drywall element for wall-mounted toilets with a convealed flushing cistern
  • Concealed element height: 115cm
  • Concealed element width: 55cm
  • For frontal activation
  • Used for mounting a dual flushing plate
  • Possibility to mount start-stop flushing plate
  • Flushing cistern is insulated against condensation
  • Silent HDV filling valve