Capacitive Voltage Transformers

Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVT), are used for voltage metering and protection in high voltage network systems. They transform the high voltage into low voltage adequate to be processed in measuring and protection instruments secondary equipment, such as relays and recorders).

A Voltage Transformer (VT) isolates the measuring instruments from the high voltage of the monitored circuit. VTs are commonly used for metering and protection in the electrical power industry.


Main applications of CVTs in HV Networks

  • Voltage Measuring: They accurately transform transmission voltages down to useable levels for revenue metering, protection and control purposes
  • Insulation: They guarantee the insulation between HV network and LV circuits ensuring safety condition to control room operators
  • HF Transmissions: They can be used for Power Line Carrier (PLC) coupling
  • Transient Recovery Voltage: When installed in close proximity to HV/EHV Circuit Breakers, CVT’s own High Capacitance enhance C/B short line fault / TRV performance


Mechanical Features

  • Available with standard/heavy/very heavy creepage distance
  • All external components are made by aluminum
  • Inox steel bellows
  • High earthquake strength capability
  • Suitable for ambient temperature -60 / +70 °C (extended range upon request)
  • Available for Line Traps mounting on the top


Electrical Features

  • Best capacitance/accuracy stabilities in all service conditions
  • Design solutions allow to reach High Rated Capacitance in reduced CVTs dimensions
  • Passive ferroresonance suppression circuit provides superior damping while not degrading transient response
  • Best accuracy as transient performance – suitable for ultra-rapid line protection devices


Type TCVT (for International Market)

(for North American Market only)

  • Available from 46 kV up to 1200 kV
  • Designed in accordance with main international standards
  • Optimized insulation system design utilizing state-of-the-art processing techniques with
  • either mineral oil or synthetic insulating fluids
  • Composite or Porcelain insulator
  • Oil expansion by way of hermetically sealed stainless steel bellows assures the integrity
  • of the insulation system over time
  • Bellows puncture pin provides for release of internal pressure in the event
    of severe service conditions leading to internal discharges
  • High range of Customization according specific customer requirements