Ball valve type 230 ABS FC (Fail safe to close) With manual override With solvent cement sockets metric

Ball valves Type 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235 are based Type 546 (d16DN10 to d63DN50) and pneumatic Actuator PA11 (DN10-DN25), PA21 (DN32-DN50), PA35 (DN65), PA 40 (DN80/DN100) or PA45 (DN100). Type range 230-235 is designed as modular adjustable ball valve for Applications, which demand special Process requirements.


  • Built on with┬ápneumatic actuator PA11 (DN10/15-25), PA21 (DN32-50)
  • Control time 90┬░<) 1-2s
  • For easy installation and removal
  • Integrated stainless steel mounting inserts


  • Individual configuration of the valve (see diagram)