3EP – surge arresters with porcelain housing

Siemens 3EP porcelain surge arresters offer outstanding protection against overvoltages in networks of up to 800 kV.

3EP porcelain surge arresters are ideally suited for the reliable protection of:

– Transformers
– Circuit breakers
– Generators
– Motors
– Capacitors
– Bushings
– Switchgear

The cage, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) rods, provides a rigid, reinforced structure ensuring high mechanical strength.
The excellent sealing system prevents moisture ingress and partial discharges.
In the extremely rare event of an overload, the arc can escape directly through the directional pressure relief devices. Strong, high-quality porcelain prevents the ejection of internal parts. The Siemens porcelain design offers extremely safe overload performance.
3EP porcelain surge arresters are ideal for areas with heavy seismic activity and extremely strong winds.