Strand anchors

Strand anchors consist of three main components: the anchor head, a steel tendon – divided into the bond section and free length – and the grout body.
The steel tendon is constructed from a number of 7-wire prestressing strands.


Nationally approved system with internal and external quality control
Can be closely matched to the required loads by selecting the number of strands, strand cross-section and steel grade
Longer anchor lengths can be produced without joints
Relatively low dead weight and small diameter
Easy installation thanks to high anchor flexibility
Efficient transport due to low space requirement for transport and storage (anchors are supplied coiled up)
Types available:

Temporary anchors

Temporary anchors (service life up to 2 years)
Temporary anchors for extended short-term use (service life 2-7 years)
Temporary anchors with removable free length
Permanent anchors (service life up to 100 years)

in the steel grades (see tables for loads)

ST 1570/1770 0.60″ (140 mm²)
ST 1570/1770 0.62″ (150 mm²)
ST 1670/1860 0.60″ (140 mm²)
ST 1670/1860 0.62″ (150 mm²)
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