Special Welding Machines – ALFA TEL-800

ALFA TEL – 800 is a workshop machine designed to weld pre-insulated district HDPE pipes and valves for both heating and cooling lines.

ALFA TEL – 800 produces pre-insulated HDPE elbows within 400 ÷ 800 mm diameter range and jackets for valves within 400 ÷ 710 mm diameter range.

ALFA TEL – 800 has a machine body with facer and interchangeable heating elements.
The fitting segments are loaded onto the machine carriages and tightened by clamps. The hydraulic movements of carriages, heating element, facer and clamps are driven by an handy control panel. Each heating element is made by 2 jaws and it can be easily replaced to fit the joint geometry requirements.
Both carriages can move along orthogonal directions to ensure the optimal match of the surfaces to be welded. The rotating clamps allow to manufacture elbows from segments with different angles and their design decreases the lead time to load, unload and align the fittings.