Socket Fusion – Prisma UP 90

Prisma Up 90 PLUS: ONLY ONE OPERATOR PERFECT CENTERING PIPE/FITTING COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – MAIN PIPE 40 ÷ 630 mm BRANCH PIPE 20 ÷ 90 mm UNIVERSAL FOR ALL MAJOR PIPE & SADDLE FITTING BRANDS Prisma Up 90 is a special PP-R saddle socket fusion machine. The machine is designed to weld special PP-R joints like collectors and reduced branches. The light weight of the machine enables an easy fixing. Working range: main pipe Ø 40 ÷ 630 mm ; branch pipe: 20 ÷ 90 mm. The machine is composed of two assembly parts: a main jaws bracket and a frame with fitting carriage jaws. The main jaws bracket is light for an easy fixing on the main pipe. The fitting carriage jaws are designed to mount a driller with hole saw and fitting. The welding machine makes a perfect centering of drilling and socket weld as well as the perfect alignment between pipe and fitting. The saddle sockets installed on a manual socket welder, heat up the pipe and fitting surfaces. After the heating phase, the fitting is pushed inside the pipe thanks to a screw system which ensures a perfect alignment of the fittings. Available saddle sockets or major brands. STANDARD COMPOSITION – Welding machine body complete with: frame, fittings carriage jaws, main jaw bracket assembly – Electric drill – R 125 Q TFE hand socket welder with transport case – Transport case for machine body – Steel clamps from Ø 20÷ 63 mm ON REQUEST (ACCESSORIES) – Saddle sockets of major brands – Hole saw – Clamp set for socket fusion pipe on reducer – Support for manifolds