Small Hydro Solution Sipocon-H

Control and Governor System

As an integral element of the hydro power plant system, the Sipocon-H digital governor system combines flexible and modular architecture to meet tailor-made customer requirements. Furthermore, the system serves a huge variety of hydro plant systems ensuring availability and proven performance.

The Task

The hydroelectric power plant operation and its performance are largely dependent on the turbine governor system. Irrespective of hardware properties, the system ensures a safe and stable operation, maximum availability as well as precise functionality.

Our Solution

The Sipocon-H is the core element of our integrated and customized hydro power solution. It is based on universally available PLC/DCS systems, such as the globally established industrial standard of the SIMATIC family or the SICAM 1703 family. The system meets the highest demanding requirements and is easy to adapt and parameterize without any kind of programming. Software and user interfaces (local and remote) can be provided in a variety of platforms, such as SIMATIC S7, PCS 7, SPPA-T3000, SICAM, WinCC, Zenon etc., which all have modular architecture and graphic interfaces in various designs. Operation and visualization is done via local and/or remote visualization systems. These systems provide long-term data storage and related reporting features, for continuous analysis and evaluation.

Due to its modular architecture and the standardized interfaces, the turbine governor Sipocon-H can be extended to a complete plant automation system.

Additionally, the system supports a comprehensive range of communication solutions such as Profinet, Profibus DP, Modbus TCP, OPC, IEC 60870 and IEC 61850 amongst others. Standard controller functions and features

Speed control

◾ Power control

◾ Flow control

◾ Level control

◾ Open control
Typical additional applications

◾ Plant control: Optimized controller for more than one parallel energy production line

◾ Demand side management controller

◾ Primary and secondary control

Standard operation modes

◾ Manual operation

◾ Automatic operation

◾ Remote operation

◾ Island mode More than 100 years experience

The hydro-specific functions, operation and diagnostic tools are always individually tailored for different turbine types and systems. Our extensive experience and more than 700 units installed help us to understand our customer requirements in both new and modernization plants.