Side loader compactor with interchangeable body CWS B4

CWS B2 side loader main feature is that the body is not permanently fixed to the chassis structure. The container is interchangeable and it can be demounted and replaced with another one empty, thanks to the special device integrated in the CWS system. This allows to use the compactor continuously, taking time only for the container changing. The container can be trasported by means equipped with a standard hooklift equipment.
The system makes a separation between the collection phase and the transport one which it can be made in a different moment by using the same body.
So the CWS side loader allows to achieve high level of efficiency, optimizing the collection and the transport phase.
This system is suitable in case of long distance between the collection area and the waste destination, or in special touristic areas characterized by extreme variability of the service during the year.

Application fields
Municipal solid waste
Separate collection