SF6 insulated Current Transformers – Type SAS

General Features

  • Explosion proof design with compressible SF6  insulation system and rupture disc
  • Excellent seismic performance
  • Cast aluminuim housing
  • Excellent short-circuit performance/capability
  • Optimal field grading accomplished by a fine condenser grading system (from 245 kV)
  • Special core class ratings TPS, TPX, TPY and TPZ are available
  • Low reactance bar-type primary permits high short circuit currents
  • Perfect transient performance
  • Stable accuracy over a long period of time
  • Maintenance free
  • No insulation ageing
  • Remote supervision of insulation condition by monitoring internal gas density
Type SAS

  • Top core current transformer
  • Identical principle design from 72.5 to 800 kV
  • SF6  insulation
  • Composite Insulator
  • Designed in accordance with main international standards for design, test and construction
  • Uniformly distributed secondary windings guarantee accurate transformation at both rated and high currents
  • Low reactance bar type primary conductor provides optimal short-circuit performance
  • Multiple-turn primaries for small primary currents
  • Perfect transient response
  • Core changes after assembly can be carried out without impairing the high voltage insulation