Recommended for:
– selection of pebbles along watercourses
– filling of containment cages
– selection of waste materials after a demolition
– reclamation of stony soils
– removal of stones along the beaches
– separation of organic waste in landfill
– aggregate recovery in building renovations
– maintenance of public and private green areas
– coverage of pipes in canalization works
1 Inlet profile inclined to facilitate loading of the material to be screened

2 Also available in wheel-loader version

3 Perimeter kit available in braided net or perforated sheet

4 Perimeter kit consisting of 4 calendered sections bolted to the basket easily replaceable by the operator

5 From the BVR 12e model the bottom is tapered to increase the screening surface

6 Integrated high-pressure relief valve that protects the motor against pressure peaks

7 Hydraulic components protected by the frame and easy to access for possible inspections

8 Double-turn ball bearing to fully support the screening basket