PP corrugated drainage ID pipes
Excess water in the soil can cause serious problems on land and objects until their complete destruction in landslides and in a very short period of time. Therefore, the proper drainage of the terrain is extremely important to consider when designing and preparing the ground for construction. Bearing in mind the need for drainage of excess water from the soil, we have included corrugated drainage and polypropylene (PP) pipes to drain excess water from the soil of a large range of diameters in accordance with DIN 4262/1. These pipes thanks to its large hydraulic capacity and a wide range of diameters offered fully able to respond to any request that I provide a reliable and long-term drainage field. In addition, thanks to the chemical resistance of polypropylene pipes are used in the presence of chemically aggressive liquids.

Polypropylene (PP) corrugated drainage pipes are intended for the construction of a pipeline intended for gravity drain excess water from the soil. The pipes are perforated in accordance with DIN 4262/1. In accordance with this standard, the total area of the slot for receiving water is higher than 50 cm²/m tube can be completely perforated by volume or perforated 2/3 and 1/3 not to serve as a channel to drain. The slots are located between the ribs of pipe symmetrically in volume over the length of the tube which allows not hindered access of water to the slit. During the construction of drainage systems it is recommended to pipe in addition to the stone filter layer is placed in an additional protective layer of geo-textile filter to prevent leaching of the soil and the possible blocking of the hole on the tube impurities and therefore reduced efficiency of the pipeline.

Buyer, in accordance with their needs , can choose circumferential stiffness (strength ring) pipe that can be SN 4 (4 KN/m²) or SN 8 (8 KN/m²). With the program we offer a complete pipe manhole manufactured of our pipes or Roto Liv technique as well as fitting program so that we can meet all customer requirements regardless of how the project was complex .

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