Pompe 3P Hollow Disk Pumps Series D

3P Prinz Model D

These pumps, with two impellers, allow a reduced size of the piping, valves, fittings etc. while keeping an high flow rate: they create a continuous flow in the piping, avoiding vibrations and shaking of the structure.
The electrical motor is generally coupled directly to the pump in which, into its casing, an oil filled reduction gear is assembled.
The hollow disk D series, during its rotary-oscillating motion, causes a vacuum sucking the fluid inside the pump; in the meantime it pushes the fluid already present in the chamber to the downstream pipe. Because of their particular features, 3P Prinz hollow disk pumps are indicated for pumping liquids with low, medium, high or very high viscosity even in presence of moderate contents of solid particles in suspension.

The scope of supply is not limited to the pumps
3P Prinz can supply also:

  1. Skid type base frames or custom skid mounted
  2. Instrumentation
  3. On-skid piping with valves
  4. Control equipment
  5. Auxiliary equipment

Special Executions and Materials
3P Prinz is able to manufacture the entire range of products with special materials for pump wetted parts.
Starting from cast iron to all the special alloys, like Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Alloy 20 or Duplex / Super Duplex. The material selection depends from the service fluid, the temperature and the external environment.
Pumps design life is due to the right materials selection.