Marine Ropes

The following is important in marine ropes that are operated in corrosive environment:
Resistance to corrosion in salty atmospherical environments,
Ease of use,
Resistance to fatigue,
Resistance to loads
Rope compositions
As marine ropes 6×19 Seale, 6×36 Warrington Seale, 6×19 Filler ve 6×41 Warrington Seale steel ropes or the ropes with polypropylene and steel core are used.

General Characteristics
Marine ropes are generally regular and manufactured in galvanized and lubricated. The lubricant and Grease to be used in rope lubrication must be convenient to corrosive working conditions. In general, ropes are manufactured as galvanized with polypropylene core and preformed and their minimum wire resistance is 160 or 180 kg/mm2. About other characteristics, our technical authorized staff informs customers.

Places of use
They are used as guy ropes, cargo loading-discharging ropes, drag and cargo ropes and crane lifting ropes.