To offer the possibility to control and maintained pipe system regularly, manholes are integrated in the system. These are mainly installed at the position of bends, reduction or branches.

The manholes are made of PE material and are compatible with polyethylene sewage pipes.
They are made with technology of roto-molding. Either one of these technology to be used, manholes gave compact sewage system.


  • Standard manholes
    This kind of manholes is situated centrically above pipe. Because of static and safety reasons this type is only recommended if the diameter of the pipe is smaller or equal to the diameter of the manhole. They can be with two or three inlets.
    Normally the diameter DN800 of DN1000 is used for base of this kind of manhole.
  • Tangential manhole
    This manhole is situated tangentially to the pipe, which means displaced from the middle. That is the reason why by using this kind of manholes with the standard diameter of DN 1000 it can be also used by pipes with higher diameter.

Valid standard for fabrication, static calculation and installation of manhole are EN13598-1, EN 124: 1994 and EN1610

Manholes can be very easy connected to pipes with whole range of different fitting fabricated by us.

All these manholes are produced in heights according to the customers demands and have special designed polyethylene manhole covers.