KV-13 Butterfly Valve

YVAZ KV-13 Wafer Type Butterfly Valves are designed for installation between flanges drilled in accordance with DIN, ANSI, BS standard and with the hand lever operation. For Wafer Type Butterfly Valve, for DN32-DN600, all the flange are suitable for ANSI150, PN10 and PN16 standard, for DN700 and above, all the flange standard are product individually. Applicable fluids: Sea water, water, warm water, air and weak acid.

For other kinds of applicable fluids except the above, to which The Butterfly Valve becomes applicable, please kindly consult to our SALES DEPARTMENT.

Ordering the various kinds of AYVAZ Butterfly Valves, please refer to Order Code for detail.

Typical Applications
– HVAC Industries
-Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
– Water treatment and distribution systems
– Mining Industries
– Shipbuilding and off-shore Industries
– Chemical and petrochemical plants
– Sugar Industry, food and chemistry processing
– Oil and gas process
– Fire fighting and sanitary systems

Gear Box recomended for sizes DN125, DN150, DN200. Above DN200 we supply with Gear Box.