Insertable PC Pump System


Our innovative insertable progressing cavity pump design allows our customers to insert a progressing cavity pump inside the production tubing sizes from 2 7/8″ to 5 1/2″ and is available in both a Single Run and Double Run design.  The Single Run deisgn can be factory configured as a flushable or non-flushable system while the Double Run design is always flushable and allows for the primary seal to be pressure tested during installation.


• There is no need for a service rig to pull the production tubing to change a downhole pump.
• Pump changes can be done with a flush-by equipped for rod handling.
• The unit minimizes the need to remove production tubing, reducing the cost of downhole gauge installations.
•  Allows for pressure testing the production tubing as well as the primary seal, while inserting the stator. (Double Run System only)
• Has the ability to use any progressing cavity pump without performing any modification which increases install options.
• Our system can pull the rotor out of the wellbore without unseating the primary seal when using the Double Run and Single Run flushable systems.
•  Systems available to fit inside 2 7/8″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″ & 5 1/2″ production tubing.


The insert pump seating mandrel fits the following standard API seating nipples:

  •  3 1/2″ API seating nipple with 2.780″ seat.
  •  2 7/8″ API seating nipple with 2.280″ seat.

The insert seating mandrel also fits the following non-API seating nipples:

  •  5 1/2” seating nipple with 4.625” seat.
  •  4 1/2” seating nipple with 3.810” seat.
  •  3 1/2″ seating nipple with 2.831″ ID
  •  2 7/8″ seating nipple with 2.325″ ID