H grade OVDT series SG(H)B10 dry-type transformer

SG(H)b10-100~2500/10 series three phase non-encapsulated impregnated dry type transformer of my corporation research and development. This series of products use an insulation material, and having used at present advanced VIP’s vacuum impregnation technology, reasonable structure and neat appearance.

This series of products have excellent resistance to waiting, moisture, salt spray and dust. It operates safe and reliable at high temperature, small part discharge, low noise, high cooling efficiency and strong overload capacity. It is a new generation of green environmental protection dry type transformer. It is most suitable for the load center which required high fireproof safety and environmental protection, such as airport, subway, power plants, metallurgy, hospital, high-level, shopping center, residents concentration areas, petrochemical, nuclear power, nuclear submarines and other important places. It’s the ideal power supply and distribution equipment.