GeoMax Automatic Level (ZAL 124)

Brand : GeoMax
Model : ZAL124
Country: Switzerland

Suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor use the user friendly ZAL100 Auto Level Series from GeoMax is your guarantee to get the job done, accurate and on time.

Built to Last
With the ZAL100 Series GeoMax introduces an automatic level to the construction industry designed for your daily leveling tasks with outstanding price-to-performance ratio. Meeting the IP54 class specifications guarantees all weather operation of the ZAL100 Series and provides you with an instrument that “Works when you do!”.

Objective aperture 36 mm clear objective lens
Magnification 24 x
Image Erect
Field of view < 2.1 m at 100 m Minimum focusing distance < 1.0 m Reticle Cross hairs, with stadia lines Stadia multiplication constant 100 Stadia additive constant 0 Compensator Damping system Automatic, air-damped Working range 10 30' (26m/1km) Setting accuracy (standard deviation) 1.7 m Compensator System Quadruple-axis compensation Working Range ± 15 ’ Setting accuracy < 0.5 ” Levelling Accuracy Standard deviation for 1km double-run levelling 2.0 mm Horizontal Circle Diameter 106 mm Graduation / Intervals 360 ° / 1 ° General Sensitivity of circular bubble 8 ’ / 2 mm Mirror for circular level Plane mirror Horizontal fine motion screws Double-sided endless drive Dust and Water resistance Conforms to IP54 (IEC60529) Base / Base screw Concave and fl at / 5/8 ” Weight 1.5 kg Operating temperature range -20 ° C to +40 ° C