FM series – with movable inner wall

CAP-COMBI is the perfect example of a tailor-made product, designed to meet any customer’s need. It allows a much faster, more efficient, flexible and reliable cleaning. Extra modern technology supports and assists the operator.

CAP-COMBI FM model is available with different equipments:

Stainless steel or carbon steel tanks
A movable inner wall to separate the sludge from the clean water compartment
A wide range of vacuum pumps: rotary vanes, liquid ring or rotary lobes types
Triplex plungers high-pressure water pumps with a wide range of flows and pressures
Mechanical transmission to control the high pressure pump and the vacuum pump either independently or at the same time by means of the truck’s own PTO or CAPPELLOTTO’s “CAP PTO”.
Cappellotto movable inner wall.

The new design of Cappellotto movable inner wall allows to fill the tank with water and sludge, while it is in different positions and without having to open the rear door. The wall is moved by creating vacuum or pressure in the compartments; it can also be used to discharge the sludge under pressure, even when the tank is raised.
The wall consists of:

A full size tank diameter wall;
A double special air inflating gasket device;
High resistant sliding blocks made in polyethylene;
Water compartment with inspection’s manhole;
Hydraulic or manual locking wedges with different wall positions.