Fishery Ropes

Following are important in fishery ropes operated in corrosive environments:
Resistance to sea water.
Resistance to high stretching that is important in modern fishery.
Resistance to abrasion.
Rope Compositions
The ropes with compositions of 6×19 Seale,6×26 Warrington Seale, 6×7 Standart, and 6×24 standart and the ropes with polypropylene cores are used in fishery.

General Characteristics
Wires of the ropes are plated with zinc by the hot-dip method for resistance to corrosion. They may be lubricated with the special greases resistant to sea water, for example greases with asphalt based, in order to increase resistance to corrosion. High adhesion and polypropylene cores are preferable in terms of resistance to corrosion.
They are manufactured with wire strength at least 160 kg/mm2. Wires with different resistance characteristics may be used in some special fishery ropes. .

Places of use
They are used in every kind of fishery activities.