Extrusion Welders – Stargun K-SB 20

K-SB 20 is a compact and ergonomic extruder equipped with a power control device and the safety system “motor block” that doesn’t allow the machine to start before it reaches the right temperature. The extruder has an innovative universal feeding system that makes possible to use the machine with different diameters of wire.

– Rod Ø 3 – 4 mm; 1/8” – 5/32”
– Backlight display
– Two high-brightness LEDs for welding area
– Power regulator; security system “motor block”
– Independent blower
– Thermoregulator double electronic T ° control: for blower and extrusion
– Orientable handle
– 360° orientable and replaceable welding shoes

Standard equipment:
Flat welding shoe, 90° “K14” with supports; rod feeding system up to ø 4 mm, suitcase and extruder support.