Electric Driveheads

Electric Driveheads

We provide a complete line of electric driveheads for all your production needs.

Electric PC pump driveheads are easy to use, require very little maintenance and offer nearly limitless adjustability when combined with a VSD. The torque is transferred from the electric motor to the rod string via belts which provide both speed reduction and a mechanical advantage. Rod backspin is controlled by either our industry leading hydrodynamic brake or a simple disc brake system. Our electric driveheads are available with output powers ranging from 10 – 300 HP (7.5 – 225 kW).

Features and benefits:

  • Robust frame with detachable stuffing box
  • Operator-friendly guards and motor adjustments for quick belt changes or tightening
  • Accessible fill/drain spouts for easy oil changes
  • Multiple bearing design to maximize bearing life
  • Hydrodynamic brake (Models M-100, M-150, M-300, and M-60)
  • Hydraulically actuated caliper disc braking system (Model M-30)


  • Hydraulic motor
  • Rope style stuffing box
  • JamPak stuffing box
  • Leak free integral stuffing box
  • Retrofit stuffing box


  • Anti-ejection clamp
  • Lock-out device
  • Polished rod guard
  • Booth guard
  • Support arms
  • Shipping/support stand
  • Tachometer