Diaphragm valve type 514 ABS With solvent cement sockets BS

The new Generation Diaphragm Valve of GF Piping System sets new standards regarding safety, efficiency and simplicity.

Instead of the commonly used four metal screws it has a central union nut – this non-corrosive connection is characterised by homogeneous temperature behaviour, an even surface pressure and high pressure rating up to 16 bar.

The optimal flow geometry offers double flow with same energy expenditure. With almost linear flow characteristics this guarantees stable processes.
Beyond that the weir of the branched valve has been moved directly to the pipe wall of the main line. Therefore dead leg was reduced to an absolute minimum and thus the hygiene was increased at the same time.

Standard equipment like a lockabel handwheel, a two-coloured inidicator and an interface for a self-adjusting limit switch set new standards in terms of user-friendliness.


  • Double flow rate compared to predecessor
  • One housing nut replaces four screws
  • Handwheel with built-in locking mechanism
  • For easy installation and removal
  • Short overall length


  • Individual configuration of the valve (see diagram)
  • Self adjusting multifunctional module with integrated limit switches