Delta 250 trailer

DELTA 250 TRAILER: self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding underpressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 250 mm (8″ DISP). Built according to the International standards ISO 21307 HIGH PRESSURE (the clamps cylinders work with a pressure range that is three times and a half higher than the ISO Low Pressure ones. This enhances productivity, with a welding time saving of 60%).

DELTA 250 TRAILER is able to weld fittings like elbows, tees, Y-branches and flanges necks. Available in the 110 V and 230 V versions. Includes:

– A trailer-mounted machine body, easily removable from the trolley
– Fast-locking adapters system SMARTLocK RITMO Patented, thanks to which is possible to change adapters in few seconds
– An on-board electric milling cutter with a safety microswitch
– An extractable heating plate Teflon-coated (PTFE) equipped with an independent thermometer
– Two rollers
– An EASY LIFE control panel. It allows the operator to program and pilot all the welding duty cycle in an easy, fast and very intuitive way. It includes a data-logging system to store the welding data; report PDF file format.
Possibility to pre-set 20 customized. The EASY LIFE system can store up to 4000 joint reports
– A heating plate support which comes with a high-temperature-proof bag, which also avoid the heating element from being scratched


– Clamps’ inserts from Ø 75 to 225 mm; 2″ ÷ 8″ IPS; 3″ ÷ 8 ” DIPS
– Tool to weld flanges’ necks/ Stub-end holder
– Software for data download (data-logging) with serial/USB cable