Crane Ropes

6×36 + 6×41 + 18×7 + 6x19F

For the crane ropes following points are important:

Necessary rope carriage capacity for loads.
Resistance to abrasion.Aşınma dayanımı,
Resistance to fatigue.
Resistance to bending
Resistance to corrosion..
Rope Compositions
Unbending ropes with fibre core of 18 x 7 composition are generally used in lifting and landing processes of free load. Ropes with fibre core of 6×36 Warrington Seale is generally used in deck cranes and sand cranes. In cargo ropes especially abrasion resistance and crash resistance are of great importance. When latter become more important than abrasion, black (ungalvanized) ropes with fiber core 6×9 filler of paralel composition are also used. As corrosion is important especially in guy ropes, galvanized ropes with 6×24+7 fibre core may be preferable in this application. In the deck cranes, galvanized ropes with fibre core of 6×36 WS are more preferable. When the ropes in 6x19ST(1+6+12) ve 6×37 ST(1+6+12+18) composition which are called standart ropes are used in cranes serious risks might be arisen and the ropes might be broken instantly. Therefore, the ropes of this composition are unfavorable for cranes.

General Characteristics
Ropes must be lubricated in regular basis. Crane ropes must be run out of gear for 1-2 hours before they are used to make sure wires falling into place. Especially in rotation resistance ropes shocks and crashes must be avoided and in short length usage edges that are cut must be oiled before process. The points defined in the section 1.2.10 of this catalogue regarding rotation resistant ropes must be taken into account in order to avoid possible problems that might be arisen before and during usage and to increase rope performance.