CR Series

CR Series pumps are designed for handling diathermic oils or vapour. They are provided with a heating jacket that fully encircles the pumping gear chamber ( not only partially, as in most off-the-shelf solutions ), in order to improve cold start performance. CR Series comprises 10 models, with displacements ranging between 32.3 cm³/rev and 2,960cm³/rev.

3/4 CR-a


Displacement: 1.97

Nominal flow rate: 8.11 g.p.m. at 950 r.p.m.

Running speed: up to 1,450 r.p.m.

Delivery: up to 12,3 g.p.m. depending on fluid viscosity.

Weight: 37 lb

Flanges: 25 mm nominal diameter and 570 p.s.i. nominal pressure