Bar anchors

Bar anchors consist of three main components: the anchor head, a steel tendon – divided into the bond section and free length – and the grout body.
The steel tendon is a round steel bar with coarse, hot rolled thread ribs and can therefore be cut or joined at any desired point.


Nationally approved system with internal and external quality control
Well suited to transport and assembly conditions as delivered in parts with couplers
Simple tensioning, post-tensioning and releasing by means of screw anchoring
Easily adaptable to required length on site, e.g. with varying geological conditions (can be shortened by cutting or lengthened with a coupler)
Excellent bond between anchor rod and cement mortar thanks to threaded ribs
Can be closely matched to the required loads thanks to wide range of cross-sections and steel grades
Types available:

Temporary anchors

Temporary anchors (service life up to 2 years)
Temporary anchors for extended short-term use (service life 2-7 years)
Removable temporary anchors
Permanent anchors (service life up to 100 years)

in the steel grades below (see tables for diameters and loads)

S 670/800
S 950/1050
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